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Army Painter - Wargamer Brush Large Dry Brush

Army Painter - Wargamer Brush Large Dry Brush

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Army Painter - Wargamer Brush Large Dry Brush
As its bigger brother, this spectacular drybrush has a 43 degree angle cut to make is no less than perfect for drybrushing small miniatures. The size of this brush is designed for drybrushing areas of a model, like chainmail or a weapon - and not neccessarily the whole model at once.

Note: The Army Painter is proud to announce its revolutionizing and complete brush range. Evolutionary in its design and with the right price for both retailer and hobbyist. There are 2 series of brushes from The Army Painter:

WARGAMER series (White):
Special purpose brushes with sleek triangular handles for absolutely perfect grip. These brushes are top-end and each has the correct hair type for its purpose.

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