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BG-FBF-R2  Fireball Forward WW2 Rules, 2nd Edition (Printed Version)

BG-FBF-R2 Fireball Forward WW2 Rules, 2nd Edition (Printed Version)

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Fireball Forward WW2 Rules, 2nd Edition - (Printed Version)

By Mark Fastoso and Jonathan Miller.

Fireball Forward is an innovative rules set for re-creating company-scale engagements in WWII using tabletop miniatures of any scale. The game is easily learned, fast-playing, and above all it emphasizes story elements of the battle so that the narrative which emerges has a natural feel of a historical written account. Attention is focused on active units, and the full story of each activation is followed until a natural break point is reached, similar to the end of a paragraph in a historical memoir. The game turn has no fire phase, rally phase, etc., but instead, active units may fire, move, rout & rally in any order as needed to develop their plan. Non-active units play an important role at all times, looking for opportunities to derail the active plan. Fireball Forward is playable on a kitchen table in one evening, and it's designed to challenge players with realistic tactical choices, resulting in a satisfying game for everyone.


Flames of War, Command Decision, Battlefront, Artizan Designs, Brigade Games and many other miniatures and basing can be used for Fireball Forward. Learn the game as you go with these programmed rules. 13 historical scenarios include:

Paratroopers on D-Day, Normandy Mini-Campaign

-Easy Company, Normandy, 1944

-Pouppeville, Normandy, 1944

-Tank Assault at La Fiere, Normandy, 1944

-Choctaw Warrior, Normandy, 1944

Paratroopers on D-Day, Sicily mini-campaign

-Devils in the Dark, Sicily, 1943

-Road to Gela, Sicily, 1943

-Taming the Tiger, Sicily, 1943

Other Scenarios:

Bridegrooms of Death, (Spanish Blue Division) Russia, 1941

The Bear, Guadalcanal, 1942

Red Cavalry, Russia, 1941

Road to Beaumont, France, 1940

Guards Counterattack, Stalingrad, 1942

St. Lambert, (Canadians) Falaise Gap, 1944

By Mark Fastoso and Jonathan Miller

106pp Publishing

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