BoltAction "Classic" Miniatures Pack

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BoltAction "Classic" Miniatures Pack priced at $9.00. Email us for a current inventory list.
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All BoltAction 4 man infantry packs and HMG packs are $9.00 each.
Artillery and cavalry are $15. These are the original products as sold by BoltAction before the company was sold to Warlord Games.

Current available list as of 1/13/2017 7am EST

First come, first served. 
When ordering, provide the total number of packs you want and a list in order of preference.

DE001 x 1   Infantry command with medic
German BMW x 1

US008 x 2   American bazooka pack

GB001 x 2   Infantry squad command A
GB006 x 4  Command B with mortar/radio
GB013 x 2  Commando Raiders
GB014 x 1  Universal carrier command crew
GB017 x 1  Universal carrier crew
GB018 x 5  British 3" mortar and three crew
GB020 x 4  British 2” Mortar
GB023 x 2  British/Canadian combat engineers

BP012 x 1  British Para medium mortar

RU016 x 3  Infantry in greatcoats with PPsh (4)
RU017 x 1  Soviet tankriders pack B (4)
RU020 x 1  Soviet greatcoats pack B (4)
RU025 x 2  Soviet Winter HMG
RU026 x 3  Soviet mid-war Rifles

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