Bush Wars Eland 60 (1/56th)

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Bush Wars Eland 60 (1/56th)
Unpainted and unassembled
by CompanyB
Item Number:: CB-MOD15
Bush Wars Eland 60
1:56 scale is compatible with 28mm figures. 
The Eland is an air-portable, light armored car based on the Panhard AML. Designed and built by South Africa for long-range reconnaissance. The Eland 60 used the same hull as the 90, but mounted a 60mm breech-loading mortar on a different turret configuration on a very compact chassis. Lightly armored, the vehicle's permanent 4x4 drive makes it faster over flat terrain than many tanks. Prominent foreign operators included Rhodesia, Morocco and Zimbabwe.
Unpainted and unassembled. By CompanyB

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