Bush Wars Pookie (1/56th)

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Bush Wars Pookie (1/56th)
Unpainted and unassembled
by CompanyB
Item Number:: CB-MOD17
Bush Wars Pookie
1:56 scale is compatible with 28mm figures. 
The Pookie MRAP was a small one-person vehicle named after the bush baby. It was fitted with large Formula One tires, bought secondhand after the South African Grand Prix. The wide tires prevented the detonation of buried mines. The vehicle was made with readily-available parts from the Volkswagen Kombi, and resembles a small go-cart with an elevated cab. The Pookie had a V-shaped reinforced hull to deflect the blast away from the operator. Sensor pans were lowered and used perpendicular to the ground below the cab.
Unpainted and unassembled. By CompanyB

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