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CB-ETAV10  Sherman Jumbo Tank (1/56th)

CB-ETAV10 Sherman Jumbo Tank (1/56th)

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Item Number::CB-ETAV10
CB-ETAV10  Sherman Jumbo "Cobra King - First in Bastogne"Tank (1/56th) 
the latest in Company B's Famous Tanks series, a 1:56 exact replica, comes with Bastogne decal. 

In 1944, combat engineers in Patton's 3rd Armored created a "breakout" tank to lead their armored columns. With extra layers of hull armor and an enlarged turret, the M4A3E2 Jumbo was a standoff tank, able to take multiple hits from German anti-tank guns and armor, allowing the rest of the armored column to return fire.

On December 26, 1944, Cobra King led a column of infantry and armor that relieved the encircled soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne, Belgium.

Decals are included to make the battle version of the tank, or the celebratory version named "First in Bastogne" after the battle.

Unpainted resin and metal kit. Minor assembly. CompanyB

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