Q: How do I reset my Password?

A: In the red menu bar across the top under the flag logo, choose "My Account" 
On the My Account page on the right under the Returning Customer's box is a reset password link. Click the Reset Password link to reset your password. Here is the page link to the my  account page.

Q: What is your email as I have a question?

A: You will find our contact info under the Order Info section, but 
we highly recommend you use the Contact Us page.

Q: How long will it take my order to ship?

A: We attempt to get your order out as fast as we can. Generally we can ship an order we have completely in stock in 24-72 hours. However, if there are items we are awaiting restock or we have to cast the items it will take longer (orders during sales, 10 days before or after a convention or near the end of year holidays will usually take longer.) If items need to be cast it will generally take at least a week as we always cast on weekends, but it will always depend on current volume of orders. 

We will typically send partial orders ahead for USA orders if we know restock is going to be a few weeks. I wish we had the ability to predict popularity of an item but after being in business since 2000, we have not found any patterns in the data. Keep in mind that this is a part time business and I work during the day. If you have a concern, email us through the Contact US web form system rather than the phone message system. And yeah every so often we do make mistakes as we are human.

Q: Redeeming Gift Certificates

A:  The customer who receives the Gift Certificate only needs to enter the code on the "Apply Coupon" box on the Shopping Cart or the View Cart page; this will display the Gift Certificate amount and the balance with the order. 

Q: E-Books / PDFs - How do I download them?

A: The order confirmation email you receive from us will contain the download link. This link expires in 72 hours so please make sure you check your spam box after placing your order. Generally our order confirmation emails are sent within 15 minutes.

Q: E-Books / PDFs - How do I back them up?

A: You can back up your purchased ebooks by making a copy to a secure location, such as saving them on a flash drive, external hard or cloud drive or burning them to disc. If you lose your ebooks you will need to contact us. We reserve the right not to replace lost ebooks so please back them up.

Q: Pre-Ordering future releases.

A: When we feel comfortable that a release is going to be in our hands in a reasonable period of time, we typically open up a preorder. Doing it before that just has the possibility of disappointing you if something does not happen as planned and delays release.

Q: Can I purchase some or one of the figures in a pack? 

A: Sorry, no. Unless the figures are sold as singles as presented on the website, they are not sold separately. In order to keep costs down, figures are sold in packs as they are arranged in our production molds. Allowing customers to pick single castings from packs would cause us a logistical nightmare to restock as well as additional expense.

Q: What are readi-cast, custom cast and special order products?

A: Readi-Cast is our name for BrigadeGames items that are cast by our contract caster and 99% of the time in stock, hence ready-ship. Custom cast products are Brigade Games, Rattrap and Murawski product lines as we custom cast those ourselves. Special order items are those products not stocked and ordered just for you at your request. When you order custom cast or special order products you are responsible to pay for these items in full and they are non-returnable.

Q: Why do painted/assembled products look different than what I might get?

A: Well if items are painted they sometimes can appear different than the unpainted product. Some painted/assembled product pictures show additional items not included with an item. For example except when specified, extra rammage, decals and crew figures are not included in vehicle kits. We typically do offer rammage, decals and crews for sale as add-ons.

Q: What is Miniatures Gaming/Wargaming/Tabletop Gaming?

A: They all mean the same thing. Basically it is 2 or more facing each other with miniature armies across a tabletop battlefield which represents some historical period or non historical area. Each "side" moves their miniatures (sometimes called models) to face and attack their opponent's force by either firing or hand-to-hand combat. The winner of each attack is determined by the rules being player and with the aid of dice and charts. Historically based games attempt to mimic real world conditions, problems and limitations of the time period chosen. 

Q: How do I start?

A: You will need to decide what period you want to game and purchase miniatures, paint, rules and most likely painting guides. 

Q: Why do you work so hard?

I have no idea and my wife asks me almost everyday! In reality, this is a business I truly love and wargaming with the best products possible is a passion.
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