Frostgrave - FGV107 - Soothsayer & Apprentice

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Frostgrave - FGV107 - Soothsayer & Apprentice. Two 28mm sized Pewter miniatures, supplied unpainted. Frostgrave, due for release July 2015.
Item Number:: NS-FGV107
Frostgrave - FGV107 - Soothsayer & Apprentice Frostgrave, due for release July 2015.

The subtle magic of a Soothsayer allows the wizard to expand his senses outside of his body, including through time itself. They can reach into the past to learn the secrets of history, or they can look into the future and try to catch a glimpse of things to come. There are very few young Soothsayers. Something about the patience and concentration required favours the old. Soothsayers are most easily recognizable by their eyes, which are almost always very pale, and often posses a somewhat empty stare. Because Soothsayers often collect items of clothing with interesting past histories, they tend to wear an odd mix of clothing and equipment; a Soothsayer sees nothing odd about wearing an expensive and stylish cloak over worn and badly stained robes, or having an old seashell hanging on a leather strap right next to a priceless emerald.
Two 28mm sized Pewter miniatures, supplied unpainted.

Released July 2015.

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