IHMN101 - Lord Curr's Company (In Her Majesty's Name)

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Lord Curr's Company. This Adventuring Company is made up of 11 figures. 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted.
Item Number:: NS-IHMN101
Lord Curr's Company. 
This Adventuring Company is made up of 11 figures: Lord Edward Ronan Curr , late a Major of the Queen’s Own Africa Rifles, is a maverick. He lost his commission after successfully putting down a Bantu uprising, but at the cost of most of his command. Lady Felicity, sometimes known as 'Two-gun Tess’, is Lord Curr’s constant companion and is almost as much a maverick as him. Her clothes look fairly normal, but her bodice is actually a Magneto-static device generating a deflection field. She carries two expensive Italian-made custom pearl-handled revolvers; she is an expert shot and particularly deadly when firing one in each hand. Mohan Singh. Curr's Sikh manservant, whose massive frame allows him to comfortably fire a machine gun from the hip. Mad Mick McFarlane. A brilliant Scottish Engineer, once described by Brunel as "seriously deranged, but quite possibly a genius". The Incorrigibles. The “footsoldiers” of Lord Curr’s Company are usually referred to as ‘The Incorrigibles’. They are a mixed band of revolutionaries, ex-soldiers, street toughs and other ne'er do wells. The figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. Examples here painted by Kev Dallimore. For painting guide visit Kev Dallimore's on-line magazine. In Her Majesty's Name is copyright Osprey Publishing.

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