NS-FGA427 - Cortikis (PREORDER)

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NS-FGA419 - Hemata
The hemata are a rarely encountered relative of the snake-men. In fact, there is some debate whether they are a species unto themselves, of if they are a common snake-man deformity. Standing about the same height as other snake-men, or even a bit taller, hemata all have long, powerful snake tails and two pairs of arms. Hemata are generally stronger than the average snake-man and, since they are capable of wielding multiple weapons, are fearsome opponents. Hemata are usually used as bodyguards or guardians of important places. It is safe to say that any adventurer who encounters hemata is deep in snake-man territory… Designed to go with 28mm sized figures. Made of metal and supplied unpainted.
Item Number:: NS-FGA427

FGA427 - Cortikis

Two 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

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