NS-NSMTLVL6 LVL6 - Level 6: General- Nickstarter Muskets and Tomahawks Second Edition (PREORDER)

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Primeval - Tribal Supplement.
Primeval is a prehistoric gaming supplement for the Tribal rules - a skirmish-style wargame which focuses on herioc deeds of units and individuals in battle. Primeval goes back to the era of the Dawn of Man, when humanity was first establishing itself across the harsh landscapes of a prehistoric world. The book contains New Skills, Factions, Scenarios, The wild - rules for introducing wild animals in to your games and The Hunt - a 4 scenario mini-campaign which sets two tribes against each other. You need a copy of the Tribal core rules to use this product.
Item Number:: NS-NSMTLVL6

LVL6 - Level 6: General

Level 5 Nickstarter deal: General.

The Collectors Special.

This General level Nickstarter deal gets you one copy of Muskets & Tomahawks rulebook, one copy of Redcoats & Tomahawks supplement book, one Redcoats and Tomahawks card deck, one set of Muskets and Tomahawks Tokens and one each of all the official Muskets & Tomahawks miniatures.

It qualifies you for all the rewards and benefits of being in the Muskets & Tomahawks Nickstarter pre-order campaign.

The miniatures you get in this collectors deal are:

MT0001 British Ranger Officer
MT0002 British Rangers 1
MT0003 British Rangers 2
MT0004 British Rangers 3
MT0005 British Highlander Light Infantry
MT0006 British Regulars in Campaign Dress
MT0007 British Regulars  
MT0008 British Regular Officer
MT0009 Indian Sachem
MT0010 Indian Warriors 1
MT0011 Indian Warriors 2
MT0012 French Marine Officer
MT0013 French Canadian Militia 1
MT0014 French Canadian Militia 2
MT0015 Compagnies Franches de la Marine

76 figures in total.

All miniatures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. All the miniatures are from the North Star Muskets & Tomahawks range.

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