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NS-OAKP101 - Dwarf Infantry (plastic boxed set)

NS-OAKP101 - Dwarf Infantry (plastic boxed set)

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OAKP101 - Dwarf Infantry

Plastic 28mm sized Dwarves, designed to be used in the forthcoming game from Osprey Games, Oathmark.

This box set contains enough parts for you to build 30 Dwarf Infantry. We provide you with enough weapon options to make them all spearmen, all hand weapon and shield, all archers or any combination of the three. Each frame also contains a standard bearer and officer option. So you could have a giant unit of 30 Dwarf Warriors with an officer and standard bearer, or six units of 5 Dwarves with mixed weapons and a standard/ officer each!

Box also contains 30 plastic bases, 25mm square, manufactured by Renedra.

The figures are supplied unpainted and in kit form. You will need plastic cement to stick  them together. The flag and shield designs are not supplied in the box. You can either create your own or buy the ones illustrated from North Star.

Great for use in any other fantasy game requiring dwarves, such as: Warlords of Erehwon, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. 

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