Implements of Carnage Plastic Frame
Implements of Carnage Plastic Frame

NSPIoC5 - Implements of Carnage plastic frame (set of 2)

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Implements of Carnage plastic frame (set of 2)

A plastic frame of weapons, armour, drivers and much more. Designed to help you customise your die-cast cars into instruments of death to use in games like Gaslands Refuelled.

The Implements of Carnage includes:

4 machine Guns

3 Heavy machine Guns

2 Mini Guns

1 Harpoon

1 Racing vent

2 Droppers

1 Death ray

1 Tool box

2 Dozer Blades

1 motorbike

4 Wheels (double-sided alloys)

4 Sheets of armour

1 Bull Bars

1 Engine Block

1 Exhaust

1 Flamethrower

2 Drivers

1 Turret Gunner

1 Turret Ring

2 Side Exhausts

1 Rocket Launcher

1 Radar Dish

2 Rockets.

Implements of Carnage are scaled for Hotwheels/ Matchbox style vehicles. Supplied unpainted

Please note. The release date for our Implements of Carnage frame with Gaslands Refuelled is the 27th of September. The official release date for the rulebook Gaslands Refuelled is the 19th of September. Ordering from Brigade Games will not be the quickest way to get hold of the rulebook, but we think the slight delay for our plastic frame will be worth it. Thank you for your support, it is really appreciated.

All items in this preorder deal will ship together.

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