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Nickstarter - Frostgrave Maze of Malcor

The Nickstarter preorder program for the Maze of Malcor shipping in December

Starts October 12th

As soon as we get the deals from Northstar we will get them in the store.

What is a Nickstarter?
It is a preorder program where you can order bundles of products called "deals" at a discounted price and also get free Spend Rewards and/or early release items if the minimum qualifying deal is purchased. Spend Goal Rewards are limited to one per customer, not per deal bought.

To participate, you must buy one of the Nickstarter Deals. Then you can add as many of the other items as you like. 
You can not just order the packs (if you do we will contact you to add a deal.)
You will be able to order the individual packs later in the year when they become released to retail.)

You can add any other products to your Nickstarter order - but nothing will ship until the Nickstarters arrive in December

As Nickstarter items are sold by NorthStar and retailers like BrigadeGames, the total increases and unlocks all types of extras as it climbs higher and higher. The free extras are added to everyone's Nickstarter order for a Nickstarter Deal 2 and higher.

Contact us with the contact page if you have questions about your Nickstarter order, want to add to or change it.

Remember, that by ordering from Brigade Games, you will be entered into the same drawings and have the same offers as if ordering direct from NorthStar. Brigade Games is North Star's North American partner.

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