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ProCreate Sculpting Putty

ProCreate Sculpting Putty

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ProCreate Sculpting PuttyContents of Blister – One bar each Resin and Hardener, 35 grams each, 70 grams total. Each bar is packed separately in a tray and then wrapped in foil paper and heat sealed for long term storage protection. Blister also contains a full color label with instructions.

Highly recommended for sculpting of master miniatures (15mm- 120mm scale) and custom jewelry. Superb results when used for converting and for assembling components of models and figures. Perfect to fill gaps in "build-up" kits. Professionally proven to produce consistent results and stunning original sculptures. Used in sculpting and converting wargaming figures such as historicals, War Hammer figures, garage kits, 15mm miniatures, action figure build-ups, toy soldier customization, plus other uses like taxidermy, G I Joe customization, historical game figures, model airplane customization, hobby projects, toy design, toy repair, Aurora Model repair, figurine customization, doll construction, doll designs, doll repair, model railroad scenery, toy soldier repair, toy soldier design, and war game miniatures.

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