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Special Offer: Napoleonic French Infantry Special (100 models)

Special Offer: Napoleonic French Infantry Special (100 models)

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Item Number::SO-BG-NF

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Special Offer: Napoleonic Wars French Infantry Special (100 models): 
  • pick 100 models of French Infantry total by picking packs
  • you can pick infantry or command packs
  • you will be prompted for the pack codes.
  • (example: 40 fusiliers/24 grenadiers infantry in bicorne marching, 12 command, 12 chasseurs/12 carabiniers skirmishing in bicorne) 
  • if the total is less than 100, tell us the other figures to add.
  • make sure you have a total of 100 models
  • Models are random. You will get a selection of poses but they will not be even quantities.
This limited time deal includes: 
 100 foot models. 28mm metal, unpainted.

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