Steel & Steed Rules for Knights at Tournament

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Sons of Mars Gladiator Rules
Sons of Mars is a rule set that gives players the ability to recreate the gladiatorial games of ancient Rome on the table top. Build your ludus from the ground up and take to the sands of the arena with a deep campaign system that has gladiator progression, ludus expansion, special events and much more. The combat system in Sons of Mars aims to take the fighting beyond simple dice rolling and leans toward a more tactical approach. With a combination of 13 different actions and 30+ abilities the players, not the dice gods, will have the most control over how the battles on the sands of the arena unfold. Inside this book you will also find rules for 17 classes of gladiators, 10 beasts, over 20 different match types, 4 Roman festivals with themed matches, 40+ NPCs (Non Player Characters), plus rules for campaign and solo play. The arenas crowd is chanting your name, will you answer their call?
83 page, full colour soft back rulebook.

Steel & Steed Rules

My Lords and Ladies, welcome to the world of Steel & Steed.

Within this book you will find the rules to help you create a knightly tournament worthy of a noble such as yourself. It is here that you will be given the tools to create one day competitions, large events testing the skill and merit of the bravest of knights or even run an ongoing campaign that will allow you to grow your house and become the envy of all the kingdoms across the land.  Sharpen your blade and ready your steed, honor and glory are yours for the taking!

Inside the rulebook you will find:

  • 112 pages of wargaming content for Knights at Tournament.
  • Rules for Jousting, Mounted Combat, Foot Combat, Grand Melee and Archery.
  • Rules for creating your own custom Knight.
  • An armory containing different weapons, lances, bows and armor that can be used to outfit your knight exactly how you see fit for any given occasion.
  • Four different breeds of horses with their own skills and abilities so your Knight can truly have his trusted steed when he rides off to tournament.
  • A detailed campaign system that allows players to gain fame an fortune in the name of their House or even take to the road alone as a Freelance knight fighting for only coin and personal glory.

And so much more…

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