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The Lion Eats Tonight by Mexican Jack Squint

The Lion Eats Tonight by Mexican Jack Squint

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This digest size title from the demented mind of Howard Whitehouse is all about the hunt for Big Game in the wilds of colonial Africa. The game can be played with or without a gamemaster. As players take turns trying to bag the best game, the other players will decide whether to award or subtract points depending on whether the hunter shot the charging rhino from the top of a tree or stood is ground as the beast charged directly toward him. There are rules for tracking animals, stalking hunters, gun-bearers, and, of course, shooting with the best and worst guns of the time. Realism is tossed out the window in place of a rip-roaring good time. 28 Pages Includes an emailed link to a PDF of the Hunter Cards for "The Lion Eats Tonight Rules". Print these on card stock for use in the game.

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