Thud & Blunder - Fantasy Skirmish Wargames Rules

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Daisho – Skirmish Wargaming Rules in Mystical Japan. Have you ever wanted to replicate the incredible feats of swordsmanship you see in movies like 47 Ronin and 13 Assassins? Stand surrounded by half a dozen angry Ashigaru and then, in a single fluid motion, strike them all down? Bring forth fiery darts from heaven and hurl them at your enemies? Face demons from the pits of hell? Disarm and hammer an arrogant Samurai lord into the dust with your bare hands? You can do this and much more if you play Daisho, skirmish wargaming in mythical Nippon. This game allows players to field forces of five to fifteen miniatures in a game you can easily complete in an evening on a space only a yard square. The rules are short and simple to learn – few players need to refer to them after their second or third game. This book provides: • The core rules of play. • The complete points system so you can create your own forces. • Full listings for twelve unique forces. • Armour, weapons and equipment, both mundane and magical. • Listings of skills, heroic ki powers and magical powers. • Fifteen scenarios, supported by seventeen scenario complications. • Ten detailed landscapes for you to play across, and • Simple, yet rewarding campaign rules.
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Thud & Blunder - Fantasy Skirmish Wargames Rules

Thud & Blunderis a set of generic fantasy skirmish wargaming rules from the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, whose authors have previously brought you In Her Majesty’s NameDaisho and Blood Eagle.

With just five to fifteen figures a side you can play a party of brave adventurers, a knight and his retinue, a college of powerful wizards, a company of dwarven prospectors, a patrol of elven rangers, a warparty of orc raiders, a foul necromancer and his undead minions, and so many more classic fantasy warbands. The book provides numerous example warbands and all the tools you need to create almost any warband that you can imagine, including a detailed and open points system. The rules cover a wide range of armour and weapons, including magical versions. You will also find statistics for a variety of beasts and legendary beasts, rules for flyers, a comprehensive system of magical powers and much, much more.

Thud & Blunder is not tied to a specific world; this means you can play your games in any fantasy setting you choose, including realms of your own devising.

The rules are designed to be really quick to learn and fast in play. As with all our games, they are well-supported with their own dedicated Facebook page and a Blog that includes free additional material from both authors and players.

This is the skirmish game many fantasy wargamers have been waiting for; it puts the creative power in your hands.

164 page. Full Colour. Hard Back.

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