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Home > Rules & Magazines > Wargames Rules - 19th Century (1800's)

Tremble Ye Tyrants Napoleonic Rules

Item Number: WR-CPTYT
Tremble Ye Tyrants Napoleonic Rules
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Tremble ye Tyrants! is a set of rules for medium to large scale wargames set in the last decade or so of the Napoleonic Wars, or roughly between 1805 and 1815. 
This is the classic Napoleonic "Empire" period, including the great campaigns of Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau and Friedland, Aspern and Wagram, as well as the invasions of Spain and Russia, and the decisive allied victories at Leipzig and Waterloo. In addition to refighting these great battles, and the countless lesser ones of the era, the rules are designed to be suitable for free-form campaigns, hypothetical scenarios, and one-off competition style games using armies built on a system of points values. Tabletop armies can represent a wide variety of real life levels of organisation, from a division up to a full scale army. Tremble ye Tyrants! is aimed at players who want a fast playing and enjoyable game with a minimum of complex mechanisms, but which retains as much as possible of the tactical flavour of the period, and makes large scale manoeuvres feasible within the confines of an evening's game. Although designed mainly with 28mm figures in mind, it is suitable for any scale and any size of game.
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